Terms & Conditions

  1. (1.1) You will be responsible for any losses or damage to Onyx Scaffolding materials whilst on hire to your site.
  2. (1.2) This quotation makes no allowance in the hire period stated for any holidays.
  3. (1.3) Any provisions made for insuring our materials whilst on site against theft or damage.
  4. (1.4) Any stolen or damaged materials will be charged to the hire at replacement value.
  5. (1.5) At additional cost we will arrange secondary weekly visual inspections of our scaffold structure but hirer to arrange for their own qualified inspections with accordance with the regulation 29 of the construction Health & Safety welfare regulations and such a weekly inspection to be recorded on site. Any remedial works that are found to be necessary during such inspections after we have handed over the scaffold (either by hand over certificate or scaff tag system) MUST BE carried out by Onyx Scaffolding.
  6. (1.6) Interim payments will be issued fairly reflecting the works carried out .When scaffold is fully erected our applications for payments will total 70% of the contract value and the remaining 30% will be charged during the dismantling period.
  7. (1.7) Onyx shall submit invoices addressed to you from time to time and payment shall become due on the date of such invoice.
  8. (1.8) Onyx will carry out and complete works and any variation to the works agreed. Onyx shall exercise will continue to exercise reasonable skill and care and shall comply with all current relevant laws applicable to works in England.
  9. (1.9) The agreement shall be deemed to have commenced with the effect from the date which Onyx commences the work you shall provide a minimum of 7 days written notice to commence the works.
  10. (1.10) Prices in the quotation include for the minimum period of hire. If you instruct Onyx to dismantle scaffold (prior to the expiration of the minimum period of hirer, you will be charged the full rate for the minimum period of hire or after the expiration of the minimum period of hire.
  11. (1.11) Onyx prior to commencement date shall obtain all relevant licences and/or permits excluding permissions to neighbouring properties. You shall indemnify Onyx against any claims which may be made by third parties against Onyx in this regard to any costs and expenses incurred by Onyx in dealing with such claims.
  12. (1.12) You shall supply to Onyx all information which is relevant to the works and necessary to enable Onyx to fulfil its obligations under this agreement.
  13. (1.13) You shall provide Onyx with adequate access to carry out any survey and inspection necessary, Onyx accept no liability for damage to any structures on site arising as a result of fixing or use of apollo ties or other anchorages.
  14. (1.14) You shall provide Onyx with a minimum of 72 hours written notice to dismantle the scaffold.
  15. (1.15) You may issue reasonable instructions to Onyx to vary or modify the works by addition, omission or substitution or any other matter which may affect the carrying out of the works. Any instruction shall be issued in writing. If Onyx proceeds to carry out your verbal instruction, such instruction shall be deemed to have been properly instructed.
  16. (1.16) Within 7 days receipt of your instruction Onyx may at their discretion (and whether the instruction has been carried out) send to you a quotation comprising the cost of complying with the instruction and details of any costs, losses or expenses likely to be incurred by Onyx in complying with the instruction.
  17. (1.17) If you intend to withhold payment from any sum due under this agreement, you shall no later than 14 days before the final date for payment give to Onyx a notice of intention to withhold payment specifying the amount of payment to be withheld, the ground(s) for withholding such payment and the amount attributed to each ground(s).
  18. (1.18) In the event of late payment, you shall pay interest on the outstanding sum at the rate 8% above the base rate of the Bank of England current at the date due for payment calculated from the date the sum became overdue to the date payment is actually received.
  19. (1.19) In the event of you being in default of payment of any amounts due and payable under this agreement. Onyx may suspend performance of all or part of the works provided that at least 7 days written notice has been given to you stating the grounds for doing so and the works affected. Onyx shall resume performance of the works so suspended on receipt of the outstanding amounts. Upon resumption Onyx shall be entitled to extra hire charge for the period of suspension and any additional costs reasonably incurred as a result of the suspension.